A posting schedule?

I think I'm going to try a posting schedule. Maybe on Sundays I'll post my goals for the upcoming week. Mondays I'll post some photos I've taken during the week. Tuesdays can be about something I've organized or cleaned or both. With pictures. Wednesday will be nail polish day! Thursday (if it's my day off) will be conquer a fear day. Since my anxiety is getting so bad lately, I'll work on this and each week I'll try to do something that causes anxiety normally. Friday I can write about what I did during the week in terms of life, work, stories. I don't know if I'll post on Saturday. I love reading lots of blog posts but lots of bloggers don't post more than 3 times a week usually. And I've already made a schedule for 6 days. I don't know if I'll start this week. I'm at my dad's so he wouldn't want me to clean or organize his house tomorrow. I don't have the camera. I don't have any nail polish with me. I can post pictures for today though! 

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