I am in Lake Worth.

My car is broken. Again. I probably can't get it fixed this time. I don't know what to do anymore. We've wanted to move out of state for a while now and I have no idea now how that is going to happen. J makes less money now and we're not really saving any money now either. Its just like how it was before. Our bills are less but he makes less now. So we still don't have any money to put into the savings account. His car is paid off now so hopefully, all fingers crossed now this will help us. I sent the check last week to pay it off. I hope he gets the title for it soon. I hope he changes his car insurance now and then we can save probably $500 a month there!!! He's been paying over $200 a month on car insurance since February for NO REASON. P lost his car in February and that's when J should have taken P off of his insurance and stopped paying for it. But that car and P as a driver for the car is still on there. But the luck we have or the luck I have within a week or a month of this good thing happening, some other bad thing will happen and we won't ever save that $500 every month. Just like when we moved into J's parents house, we were going to save all this money every month but he quit his job and now there's zero extra money. 

I applied for a second job and I have to make some calls this week about it. I've been working overtime the last two weeks. When I go back home (I'm at my dad's right now) I'm going to try to find other ways I can earn extra money. I don't know what else to do. J isn't looking for another job I don't think. He doesn't talk about it if he is. 

I really need to figure my life out. 

But right now... In the next few minutes, I'm going to get ready for bed. That I've figured out. 

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