I went to the doctors today. I have a new neurologist now. I hate having to explain everything all over again! Today's appointment was supposed to be about going over the results of the second EEG and at first it seemed like that wasn't going to happen. I had to go over what had happened. Very quickly. And she was looking stuff up on her computer. She could see the first EEG and said she would have to get the second one and call me tomorrow or whenever she got them. No! No!!!! She finally found them I guess. Maybe. Who knows. She said that the doctor who read the second EEG said the results were the same as the first time. Which is that I could have another seizure basically. She said I could have always had the tendency and then with the right triggers last year it happened and so now I have to make sure I don't trigger it again. She also said I can't drive for another month. Until it's been 6 months from the day it happened. Or rather I have to be seizure free for 6 months. So May 13th. I'm on new medicine. 
I took my first dose tonight. This is supposed to also help with my headaches. 

My thoughts are all over the place. I need to go to sleep. I have to go to the barn tomorrow and get envelopes. Maybe I'll take a box down there too. I have a box on the porch with J's old work shorts, a blanket and a quilt in it. I also want to box up some of my clothes and bring them down there. J is very restless tonight. He's tossing and turning a lot. I have so much laundry to put away but I am pretty much all caught up on the dirty laundry. I have some towels to wash and I think a small load of clothes. The stuff we wore today and then J has stuff all over the floor in the room that I need to gather. We try to put everything outside in a basket or in a pile but he often times just puts it on the floor wherever. In front of the bed. On the bed. I've come home and had a wet towel on the bed. ON MY SIDE!!! On the floor on both sides of the bed. Right now I think there's just stuff on his side of the bed and pants on my side but he's wearing those pants to work tomorrow I believe. 

I made a list of the shows I need to watch to catch up. There are 21. At least. There are more but CBS doesn't put them online for 2-3 weeks and then they only stay online for 4 weeks? Some of the episodes on my list aren't avaible anymore. 
The blue are the ones I need the watch. The green ones are ones I THINK I need to watch but aren't avaible online, I found the titles on imdb. The ones crossed out in purple are the ones I've seen. The one crossed out in blue I already had seen. The numbers in the circles are the order I need to watch them. Like NCIS:LA has 4 episodes I need to watch. Hopefully tomorrow I can watch more shows than I watched today!! I think I watched 5 shows today. Lol. Tomorrow I'm going to aim for 7. Friday I work 8-6 so I'll try to watch 2-3 and Saturday? Not sure. J and I will go to breakfast but not sure what we're doing the rest of the day. 

Okay, time to stop with the rambling thoughts here. I'm going to start watching one of my shows. Hopefully I can cross one more off tonight.

Oh. I bought Marvel hero golden books for Baby M!! They got here Monday and I gave them to Jacie already. I got Hulk, Ironman, Thor (my favorite bc he's hot in the movie) and The Avenagers. I will probably get Captain America later on. I looked for The Flash but it doesn't exist in a golden book apparently. Lol. I read the Hulk one to J. Haha. 

I am going to shower that kid with books for as long as I can! I loved reading as a kid and I still love reading. I love books and I think it is hot when a man reads books and has a bookcase full of books. J is lucky I gave him a chance. He was a reader without a bookcase full of books when we started dating. I believe that everyone should have access to books. My mom first started teaching me to read with games like scrabble. I think she would set the tiles up for me and show me what the letters were and all that and then eventually would say okay, make the word cat. I think I was 8 when my dad bought me the first 4 books of the Baby Sitters Club books for Christmas. I remember he was so happy about it and told me he saw it and thought I would like it and hoped that I did and said that if I did there were more books in the series and once I read them we would go to the store and buy the next one. I read the first 4 and the BSC addiction started. I think I read them for 5-7 years and I have probably close 150 books in the series. I think there's almost 100 in the main series then I have the mystery ones and the super mysteries and the super regular books and the little sisters books. I might have 200. If J and I ever own our own house one day I want to set up a library and get all my books from my dad's house. 

Luckily both my parents loved reading and always bought me books or took me to the library. My dad's parents also had a large collection of books that I looked at too. My grandmother read romance novels and my grandfather had non fiction books mostly. 

I'm tired. It is time for sleep.

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