I haven't worn nail polish in about five days. Am I sick? I think I'm going to put the fake nails on tonight. Most of my nails are really short anyways so it's good. I think I'm supposed to buff them first. I probably should since I buffed, smoothed and shined my nails last night so they're all.... Wait for it... Smooth and shiny. 

I am hungry. 

It is my laundry day today. Sigh. I washed my work shirts and they're already dry and hung up. I have my work pants and other clothes in the dryer now. In an hour I'll go out there and restart the dryer and wash J's clothes so that he has clean stuff for the week. Then.... I'll see what I want to wash next. Which will probably be my last load of stuff. Maybe some blankets. We have enough towels for another week or so, so we're good there. 

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