December's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

This bag has my favorite colors yet. The FOUR scented items??? Idk, the scent is too... Weird for me and I can't describe it. It's like a Christmas tree ate some fruity candy? I don't know. There's been a few times where I smelled it and I thought I liked it that day so maybe it's all tied to my time of the month. 

Okay, let's go over what was actually in the bag, shall we? 

The colors are called The Master (the pink) and Woland (the purple) and Woland is my FAVORITE! I love The Master too but Woland?? It is just perfection to my eyes. The Master is a pink jelly with gold flakes and glitter/shimmer. 

Woland is lots of small purple glitter with holographic and black square glitters. It's that while combination that makes it my favorite. I think the letter that came with it said it was meant as a top coat but I haven't tried that yet. I just use 2-4 coats for opacity. 

Let's see what pictures I have of my nails with these colors. 

That was Master and Sparkling Agave also by Rainbow Honey. 

I know I painted my nails a few times with Master but I guess I didn't take any pictures. How sad. 

The rest of the December Mystery Bag products were Muscovite scented lotion, solid perfume, cuticle balm and top coat. With me not being able to handle the scent of it I have a ton of products im not going to use. I also got a mini bag that month with my order so I have doubles of everything. I tried the lotion once (large one) and the cuticle balm but don't think I tried the top coat. I might try to sell them. The minis and other cuticle balm weren't used at all. And the lotion I'd feel comfortable listing it since the product comes out and then you put it on. But the balm? I'd sell it if someone specifically asked for my once used cuticle balm. 

I really like the idea of a solid perfume though. Loooooove this idea. It would make traveling easier. Solid forms of items don't have to go into a quart size ziplock bag like liquids do. Carrying a solid perfume in your purse would be less likely to spill. I would love for them to do a cuticle balm/lip balm type product for the perfume too because then you could apply directly to your arm, neck, wherever rather than using a finger or qtip. 

Picture of the mini mystery bag.

And the size differences between the products. 

Coming up: January, Feburary and Valentine's Day mystery bags to be written. Also my 3 orders I've done. I love what I've ordered and the customer service has been great.

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