Rainbow Honey!!!

i can't believe I haven't posted anything about Rainbow Honey yet. They are an indie nail polish company and they offer a subscription "mystery bag". There are two sizes. Mini is $10 and you pay shipping so I think it comes out to roughly $13-$15? The large is $25 and has free shipping. I've signed up for the large one and have received the past 3 months and I loooooove it. I love their products and love that I get a surprise in the mail every month. The value for the mystery bags far exceeds what you pay. For mine I get about $35-$45 worth of stuff I think?? They send 6 things each month. Polish and other body care items.

September- 3 bottles of nail polish, a lotion in Pomme rouge scent, a hand soap in Pomme rouge and a body balm also in Pomme rouge. The nail polishes are $10 each so right there is $30.

October- 2 polishes, base coat, hand/body soap in Sweet November scent, roller ball perfume in Sweet November scent and a lip balm in some orange chocolate flavor.

November- 2 polishes, cuticle oil, hand sanitizer and perfume oil all in Frozen Flame scent and a lemon honey lip balm.

I'll have to post pictures later on and give a review of what I've used so far.

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