September's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

Almost 4 months later, here is my reveal post for September's Mystery Bag (large), my first bag from Rainbow Honey (

Here's my pictures of the different stages of unwrapping it. 

It doesn't always come in a box, they come in "bags" usually but I guess September's was a little heavier than normal? 

It was wrapped in tissue paper with that label which is really super cute. But they've changed the sticker now. 

These were loose and not in the inside of the tissue paper I believe. The large paper is just a note saying thank you and contact information basically. The smaller folded card stock is an explanation of what's in your mystery bag. 

After you unwrap the tissue paper, everything is inside of a bubble wrap bag which is still how they're packaged, just no tissue paper. 

So there's all the products. I loved my first bag so very much! I love the scent of Pomme Rouge (PR) so much. The PR scent was introduced to the online store ( in October. There was a Pomme Rouge Bliss Set that included five things in that scent BUT none of those items were any of the items that were in the mystery bag. The items in the mystery bag were lotion, a body balm and soap. The items in the bliss set were a perfume, body spray, cuticle oil, cuticle balm and top coat. I think I might buy the top coat or cuticle balm in January if they're still available. The quality of the body lotion and balm are great. I'm not a huge fan of moisturizing products but only because I don't have a huge need for it. It's only been this year that I even need something for my hands but I don't have dryness anywhere else. I don't use the balm often, I do use the lotion quite a bit though. I like that the balm is a solid though and I think that you could have it in your carry on luggage as opposed to the lotion. I don't think the balm counts as a liquid but the lotion does (I think). I haven't used this soap yet but I am using one of their soaps right now and the quality of it is great so I would imagine this one would be as well. Also the lotion and body balms were altogether new items for them and lotions in other scents have been introduced on the site, they started in November. But body balms haven't been introduced yet and you never know if it ever will. I think that's everything about the non polish items. Now on to the nail polishes. 

I loved all 3 of them and here are some pictures of the times that I used them for manicures.

Here are the two times that I've used Sugarberries. I'm not a huge fan of red shades yet I've used it twice and the other 2 shades only once. Go figure, lol. I think it's because it's a darker shade of red and has glitter that I'm okay with this one. The gold polish is Sinful's Sin-Ammon and the gray is... Well I can't tell you yet. It was in the November bag. This was opaque in 2-3 coats and covered well. There are varying sizes of silver glitter in this. And since there are smaller pieces of glitter in there, it's not a big deal if you don't get big glitter, like in my first picture. But it is very possible to get several pieces of large glitters on the nail without fishing them out. In my second manicure there were 3-4 pieces of the large glitters on each nail. Also my second manicure is on fake nails, I had had them on and then when I got bored with the French manicure look, I painted over them. Sugarberries was introduced to the site in November as part of the November limited edition set.

Here's Asteroid B which has different sizes of glitters also, including star ones. The small glitter is holo silver and the stars are gold. I didn't get a lot of stars on my nails but there was so much other stuff going on that that was okay. There's the smaller glitters going on plus the polish is actually a duochrome that shifts from blue to purple. It's not described like that on the card but that's what I wrote on my Instagram picture. I think this was opaque in 3 coats. It has not been introduced on the site yet.

And finally Salacia which is really pretty but it is not an opaque polish. I had Sally Hansen's Sea Through on my nails and it is a jelly polish and I had about 5 coats of it on my nails. Then after a few days of that, I put the Salacia on 2 of my nails and I think I just did 2 coats of it. You do get a lot of glitter on the nail, but you'll have visible nail line no matter what if you used this by itself, so this is best as a topper. It has triangle glitter in it (which is my first triangle glitter polish) along with other sizes and shapes of glitter. 

And that's it for the September bag. Overall I loved this bag.

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