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***This ended up being a really long explanation, maybe one day, I'll edit it but for now.... Here it is****

So I wrote a post the other day explaining my rainbow honey subscription and then it was eaten by the monster that lives in my iPad. It had pictures too! And I want to write so many great things about the products I've bought and received so far. I'm excited about the order I want to place in either January or February. I already know I want to buy Magic Cake and Tessie and I want to buy a few products in the scent Pomme Rouge. Plus I'm sure there will be new limited editions that I might want to buy. I will probably end up receiving my January bag before I post the good stuff! Let's just try to explain how I found Rainbow Honey (RH) and the details of the subscription.

J gets loot crate every month and he started in I think August and I was like well I want to do a nail polish subscription. I'm basically poor so I needed to make sure that the quality of the products I would get are amazing (I hear so many bad things about Julep that I don't want to try them) and that the value of what I spend every month is what I get in products, sometimes I feel like some of the subscriptions are not worth it. You pay x amount of money and only get 3 products plus shipping costs or whatever. I don't typically spend more than $8 on a polish and I can probably count on one hand the number of bottles I own that were roughly $8 (but were probably less than $8) so I needed it to be around that per bottle. So I started researching this. I stumbled upon a blog that had a list of nail polish subscriptions and started clicking the links to get the details and would read reviews of the different companies. There was Julep, SquareHue, ColorMeMonthly, Rainbow Honey and many others. I think there was 20 on the list I found! I think I used this list: I can't remember the details of Julep but I didn't find enough good reviews to even consider them. SquareHue is I think 3 polishes for $21 (so $7 each bottle). ColorMeMonthly is 1 polish a month for $7 and I know that included the shipping. All were mystery polishes. I found one that would send you a polish that was "created for you", when you sign up you list what colors and types (jelly, creme, glitter) of polishes you like. Rainbow Honey is $10 for the mini and $25 for the large every month. The mini has $3 in shipping so it's $13 a month. You receive 2-3 polishes and the rest of the products are body/nail care products and you get 6 products a month so it could be 3-4 body/care products. Math time.

The breakdown for the mini was:

$10 plus $3 for shipping (US shipping) equals $13.

Polish sizes were 4/5 ml each and in January will be 7.5ml and will be sold as a regular item. The minis were for mini bags and the only time they were sold were in sets for different sets and you couldn't mix and match. So this is awesome news. The December mini bags were the first time the new sizes were seen. 

6 products: $2.16 for each.

Pretty awesome.

Oh did I mention that RH charges $5 for minis (that's the number I've seen on other blogs though) so if you were to buy 3 mini bottles of polish, it would be $15 plus shipping.

So. Now it's really awesome, yes?


$25 and that includes shipping to the U.S.

6 products.
$4.16 each.

$4 and change for 15ml bottles of indie nail polish?????  Yes please, sign me up.

RH charges $10 for a 15ml bottle of nail polish so $25 for 3 bottles is nice but since you also get 3 additional products, it's all amazing.

I read so many reviews on RH in August to make sure the quality of the nail polishes and products were worth it. I looked at pictures of the polishes from the mystery bags to make sure I would like most of my mystery nail polishes.

I signed up for the large in August!!!! 

I pay $25 a month and on average I've received $40-$50 in products each month. I have 4 months of products and I was so impressed with my products so far that I placed an order on Cyber Monday. I spent almost $100 but I only did that because I received a nice random refund on my credit card that month. Part of that is for a gift so it wasn't all for me. I can't explain the gift though yet because it's for a January Birthday. =) 

I did buy 9 products for myself and because of my purchase with the gift, I was able to receive gifts! I received 2 bottles of nail polish at the 15ml size. I received a mini mystery bag (my order came in December so I got the mini December bag) and 2 of the products I ordered didn't come with the bulk of my purchase.... So they ended up being sent separately and each package came with a free gift. It wasn't explained why they were sent separately but the fact that RH went ahead and included an extra item in each package is above and beyond excellent customer service. So I spent $60ish (with a cyber Monday coupon code) on myself for 9 products and received $40 worth of free product? This is why I'm already a huge fan and why I think everyone should be a huge fan.

Oooooohhhh and $10 of that $40 was for a mini bag. The value of it this month? $24???? That's a rough estimate because I forgot to also mention that all of the mystery bag products are all new items.

New colors, new scents, new types of product. They could be items that will be released in the future (I received a color in September that will be sold in 2015), items they want feedback on to see how everyone likes it or items that are only for the mystery bag. 

I didn't want to go into too many details on what products I received because I want to explain each month in its own post. Plus this explanation is really long but if you know me, you know that's normal for me. =) 

So what nail polish subscription should you get? Obviously Rainbow Honey.

And the final rough estimate of the value of the free/gifted items I received with my $100(it was just under that and $60ish is for me) is $54. 

I wasn't compensated, paid or coerced to write this blog post. It is all 100% my opinion and my math. If you disagree or feel that my math is wrong, you can let me know your disagreements in the comments but please keep the wrong math to yourself. That would hurt my feelings. Lol. Also they will have no idea I wrote this unless they stumble upon it themselves. 

If you've read this whole thing, I <3 you.

My 41 products. I tried to keep it as secreative as I could, haha. My 42nd product is being used in the bathroom so it's missing from the picture. Also, also also. One more thing.

The end. <3

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