October's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

I don't think I have many pictures of October's mystery bag but I'll show what I do have and go over everything I received. 

Here are the 2 polishes and the base coat. The colors are named Cafe Con Leche and Zi. Then both mini and large bags came with a full size bottle of their base coat called All Your Base. Cafe Con Leche is a light beige color with some micro gold and silver glitter in it. I'm not a fan of this color but the quality is good. Zi is a royal purple with micro glitter in it too. My favorite color is purple and I like how purple polishes look in the bottle but I don't wear them often because I don't like how they look on my hands. When I wore this, it seemed thick but I had the fan on so I don't know if it was the fan or the polish. Neither of these colors have been released online yet. The 3rd "polish" is their base coat which was in a mystery bag earlier this year and was so popular that they put in the bags again. The base coat wasn't sold online until December though and only because so many people loved it. 

I think this is Zi. 

There's Cafe Con Leche. I used it as my base for a Thanksgiving manicure. I had this on and couldn't wait for Thanksgiving to pass so that I could take this off. I just did not like it on me! 

Here's my picture of the other products in the October bag. I didn't take this picture until 3 weeks had passed. I don't have any pictures of everything together. The dotting tool was an extra surprise gift. The soap and perfume are Sweet November scented and the scent was introduced in... November. I really like how it smells. The perfume is a liquid in a rollerball bottle. I like that it's a rollerball (I think all their perfumes are like that) but I don't wear perfumes often so it's only been used a few times. I try to wear it but I don't think of these things until it's too late. This is the soap that I'm using right now and it's great. It has shimmer to it but it doesn't show up on your hands. The final product is a lip balm and it's called L'orange Ganache which is orange and chocolate scented and I tried it out but couldn't deal with the scent of the taste. Something about the chocolate scent in this. To me it just wasn't good, it was too fake smelling?? I had to wipe it off right away so I didn't even know the quality of their lip balms at the time. 

All these products weren't new to Rainbow Honey, just the scents were. I think L'orange Ganache was introduced in December but not really sure. There is a Sweet November bliss set and it has a body splash, lotion, cuticle balm, sugar scrub and a spa soak. I bought the lotion!

Overall I didn't like this bag. I use OPI Nail Envy so I don't know how the base coat is, I've tried it out and it's fine as a regular type of base coat, nothing wrong there but I end up removing my polishes within a day or so I don't know if it strengthens your nails or not. It's supposed to have vitamin E in it. I'm not a fan of the colors or the lip balm. The soap and the perfume are the only things I like.  

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