Oh no!

I was trying to edit my Rainbow Honey subscription tonight. I canceled it with the intention of signing back up once I figured out where the money was coming from. I got cash and went to the bank and deposited it just so I could sign back up. I went to sign up again and it's closed! I don't know if I can get the March bag or not. I emailed asking if I can get back in. I hope so. 

My February order should be here tomorrow! I'm so excited for it. I'm getting a Pomme Rouge cuticle balm. I love the PR scent and love the cranberry sangria cuticle balm I have so I should love this new one. 

I should finish some of the posts I have started. The Internet is fast again here so I can upload lots of pictures now. 

I have lots of pictures from the street painting festival. I have our February picture. Our January picture is a funny one too. I should add it.

I've been having some crazy muscle pains in my legs the past few days. On Tuesday night my calves were so sore. Then Wednesday they were fine but my upper leg muscles were sore. Both legs and front and back of my legs. It all felt stretched. Only when I was sitting though. If I was standing or walking, it was fine for the most part. Bending down in pharmacy hurt a bit. Then driving home Wednesday and Thursday was horrible. I was nearly in tears. Today I woke up and my muscles in my ankles were sore, same thing, they felt stretched. I worked 8-545 and was standing and walking all day and everything was fine. Now that I'm home and sitting, my muscles hurt again. It just feels like they're stretching. And it hurts. 

I had some fruit on the way to work today and it was so yummy. Publix had this little fruit platter made up and it was only $2.99. It was red and green apples, strawberries and green grapes. All of which I love. It was just enough for me too. I'll definitely buy more in the future. 

My mom's been working on these new dog bandanas and they're awesome. They go on their collars instead of snapping or tying around their necks. Kreasy wore his for 4 or 5 days. I think I took it off yesterday. He has a Hulk one. 

Oh! While we were in Lake Worth, we had to stop at Bud's. We went when we were leaving on Sunday. It was so good, the chicken fingers and corn fritters had just been made. 

I want to make a trip over there JUST TO EAT MORE BUD'S. 

I ran out of OPI Nail Envy and I don't have any money to buy a new one so I'm using this one instead. I bought it at Marshalls I think. It was $4.99. It seems like I have to make sure it's completely dry before I can paint over it. Otherwise it doesn't seem to dry, even with fast drying top coats. 

I better go, it's late and I want to try to get at least one other post up tonight.


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