Right now I'm lovin' on jellyfish. Well jellyfish products not jellyfish themselves. Lol.  They are really pretty in the water and even dead on the beach can be pretty. Man o' wars are really pretty when they're dead on the beach. Don't hate on me for this. I grew up on the beach and this was a common sight and I went to college for forensic science so death doesn't freak me out like it does other normal people. 

One of the questions for the college essay was something along the lines asking why do you want this job or how do you know you can handle this job? My answers was along the lines of someone has to be willing to see these horrible things to be able to help find out what happened to a raped child or to a murdered mother. And that I decided I could handle those things because it meant more to me to be able to find closure for the victims and their families. 

Then when I did the interview for the program, they asked for 3 words that describe you for this type of job.

I remember my words were observant and unbiased. I can not remember my third word. But unbiased impressed them a lot. Cause it's true, you don't want someone going into a crime scene with what they THINK happened. If it's a drug neighborhood and you see a young black couple murdered, don't assume the worst. You would then treat the processing and how you evaluate the evidence differently. But they could be college students who are drug free and were just walking home from their grandmothers. 

So back to jellyfish. I got two jellyfish presents for Christmas. 

Jellyfish purse!!!!! It's the best. It has a big zippered pocket in the middle. Then smaller Velcro pockets on both sides. On the front side there are two additional pockets on top of the Velcro pocket. I love this purse over my one from 2013 so much better. This was from my daddy.

A jellyfish Tervis Tumbler and the magnet is one I found over the summer. 

I also have a jellyfish ornament and a ball of glass with a green jellyfish in it. It's glow in the dark too so that's awesome. 

I think in April I'll take some time off from work and make the bedroom better. I have stuff to clean up. I want to take out most of the clothes on one side of the closet because we don't wear those things. And I can store more important things in that part of the closet. If I get another shelf, I can put pretty things on it. 

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