My first Rainbow Honey order!

I've now placed 4 Rainbow Honey orders. November, December, January and February. I'm trying to catch up on my Rainbow Honey orders. I also have a Zoya order I got 3 weeks ago. And I've bought 3 Sinful's this week. So many nail polishes to write about.

So this post is going to be about my November order.

So I ordered during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend and there was a 20% off sale. They also offer free items when you hit a certain mark. $50 gets you free shipping AND a free limited edition. The free limited edition ($10 value) is always a specific color but they tell you that if you want to switch it for one of the other LE from that month to email them and let them know. I didn't change mine. Then if you get to $65 you also get a free mini mystery bag ($10 value). 

I ordered 1 cuticle balm, 1 lotion (not pictured), 2 scented top coats and 5 nail polishes. 

-Keep Believing cuticle balm 
-Sweet November lotion
-Cranberry Sangria top coat
-Frozen Flame top coat
-Apple Kid
-Diamond Dust
-Sparkling Agave
-Mint Flavor

The Cranberry top coat and Sweet November lotion were sent separately but each came with an additional free gift! So altogether I ended up with 5 free items with my first order. I went through the math on this order in my first RH post. The cranberry top coat came with Cranberry Sangria cuticle balm and the lotion came with Tea Biscuit cuticle balm. 

I ordered the Keep Believing cuticle balm but I ended up using the Cranberry cuticle balm the past (almost) 3 months. I love it. I like the scent of the Keep Believing one but decided to go with Cranberry when I went to use one. And just kept using it. I've known for a while that I needed to use something for moisturizing my cuticles and the skin on the sides of my nails. I don't get hangnails but the skin is still very dry there for me. I had tried their cuticle oil a few times and while I liked the scent, I didn't like the oil because of the... Oiliness. Lol. So the cuticle balm was perfect for me. I also notice a difference when I use this daily. My cuticles seem the same but the skin is definitely better. 

I've only used the Sweet November lotion a few times but I like it. I just really like the Pomme Rouge scent so I use it at home and I have the Sweet November in my purse. 

Let's talk nail polishes now.

Gingered was the free limited edition that month and it's gingerbread scented. I haven't worn this yet because I'm not a fan of warm colors. I prefer cool colors.

Poffin Party was the free extra in my order. I tried it out but I don't know if I like the big glitters. 

The glitter on my thumb and ring finger is Poffin Party. 

Diamond Dust.... I freaking love this color. LOVE! I've used it several times and I ordered it in a mini later on so I could have a back up. It is a holographic glitter top coat and has a purple shimmer to it. 
Apple Kid is a hot pink type of color. It is awesome too.
Mint Flavor is a teal looking shade. And I love it too. I tried to order a mini back up it but it's sold out right now.

I'm going to post a few pictures of those 3 colors now. 

Tessie is the purple, Apple Kid is the pink, Mint Flavor is the mint, Grayscale is the gray and Diamond Dust is the glitter.

  You can see the purple shimmer there. 

Apple Kid and Mint Flavor.

I used Sparkling Agave once. It's a glittery, shimmer filled green. I like greens in the bottles but then I don't like how they look on my nails.

Tayabak was... A disappointment for me, I thought it was going to be more of a neon green and it's not. It's not neon. It does seem like it would be a good green creme for spring, garden or St Patrick's Day looks but I wanted something more neon for J. 

That's Sparkling Agave and Woland. 

That's all I've got for my review for my first order. I haven't used the scented top coats much. They are very scented though! They've lasted at least a day for me. I don't know how long after that they last though because I end up taking my polish off so quickly. 

If you have any questions, let me know.

Night night.

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