February's Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey

In some shocking news, I received my mystery bag on Wednesday (yesterday) and I'm going to post the reveal post right now. I don't have much of a review because I painted my nails Tuesday and don't want to repaint them yet. 

This month we received 3 nail polish colors again ($30 value!) and a lotion, cuticle balm and a perfume oil rollerball. 

The colors are Glow Cloud, Crimson Nebula and Tsukimi.

I am excited about these colors, especially Glow Cloud. It's similar to Diamond Dust (which I looooove) but Glow Cloud has flakes that are... prismatic? I'm not sure the word I'm looking for here. They're not in your face like other flakies are like in Sally Hansen's Hidden Treausre. And Diamond Dust looks way more silver in the bottle (but has a purple shimmer on the nail) whereas Glow Cloud looks more pink/purple toned in the bottle. Either way, I'm pretty sure I'm going to love Glow Cloud and when the shop reopens tomorrow night I plan on purchasing enough nail polishes to qualify for the free mini bag so that I can get a backup. 

Crimson Nebula is a red glitter. The letter that came with the mystery bag describes it as a "sultry mix of holographic star dust". I don't like the color red. Ever. My first car was maroon. My dad bought it for me and I remember when he was car shopping that I told him I didn't have a color preference except not red. At least I remember thinking this but maybe I never said it. But I ended up with a red car and while I loved the car I always wanted to have it repainted. Then my second car was silver. I loved it's color. I wished that it had the engine and luxury feel of my first car. Now? I've been using J's car for almost a year and guess what color it is. It's red. So while I hate the color red, this red nail polish is still really pretty and since it is glitter, it is quite possible I'll use it for holidays (Valentine's Day, Christmas, any patriotic holiday). It also looks pink/magenta looking with one coat. You have to use several coats to get it more red so that's nice for me too.

Tsukimi is a violet color jelly with glitter in various shapes (including squares and triangles!!!) along with holographic micro glitter. This is really pretty too. 

I tried these out on paper and my toes. The formulas seem great. They're also on the thinner side which I know people will probably be happy with because one of the things that I see people say about RH glitters are that they are on the thicker side. I was going to try to thin out one of my polishes a few weeks ago but I went to go use my thinner (for the first time!) and it was empty. The entire bottle was empty like it had nothing in it. I don't know if it evaporated or if the bottle was empty the whole time. I left it in the box when I got it but I think I would have noticed it being an empty bottle when I bought it. Right?

Here's a picture of everything. The scent this month is Carnival Candy which is described as "a fragrance reminiscent of your favorite memories of pink carnival candy". I take that to mean cotton candy? I've probably eaten cotton candy about 3 times in my life and 2 of those times were with alcoholic drinks from TGI Fridays. I don't remember what it smells like and I think I would like the smell of it but this scent? I tried the lotion out and I love the formula and the scent was on my hands 6 hours later. But I hated the scent. It reminded me of the scent Nail Honey which I sadly didn't like either. Also the lotion is a foot massage lotion but yes, I tried it out on my hands. Lol. 

I've tried all of their lotions that I have and so far the formulas are great except for the one in the December bag, Muscovite, which seemed much thicker than the others. 

I'm okay with not liking everything in my bags since there is usually something I do like and I can gift the other things. 

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