I'm so friggin behind!!!

I am sorry to my readers. Reader? I am sorry. Today is... Thursday? So I can post about anxiety stuff. I've done quite a few things in the last few weeks I don't think I've posted about that I did despite my anxiety. 

I had to call Dodge and tell them my car was going to be towed there on Friday. On Friday (I don't remember which Friday but I think it's been 3 weeks?) I called AAA and had my car towed to Dodge. Dealt with that. Saturday, same thing. I made another phone call to AAA and they picked the car up. I talked to Dodge again on the phone Friday evening and Saturday morning. So lots of phone calls in that 2 day period that would cause anxiety for me normally. And it did a little bit. But I pushed through and got through it. This was at the end of my vacation, so it was May 9th and May 10th? I still don't know what exactly is wrong with my car though. It could be the rod bearings or the engine needs to be replaced but they wouldn't know exactly unless they dropped the engine. It would be $300-$400 for them to do that just to try to figure out what was wrong with my car. I declined. Now I'm going to try to sell my car my car as is. I need to clean the car out and take some pictures of it. Of the milage, the engine (?), the inside and the outside I suppose. 

Here's some pictures of my car being towed. 
I've called several doctor's offices in the last few weeks. I called and scheduled my yearly female exam and did that. That is one huge panic attack right there!!! I got my results back, everything is fine. I called the neurologist's office. I've never explained here why I have one of those. Maybe I should. Sigh. I called my primary care doctor's office to have them change one of my prescriptions because of an interaction with one of my other medications. 

I've made other phone calls too in the last few weeks. I hate making phone calls. They used to cause so much anxiety and I wouldn't make them. I used to have my mom make as many phone calls for me as she could. I still do if she can. Even my dad makes phone calls for me when it's possible. Like for car stuff when I'm in town. 

My goal this year is to fix what I need to fix to get back into school. That's going to require me to make some phone calls and to do some work. 

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