My mom's store.

Here's a link to my mom's store! I'd appreciate all the love possible you can show her. Pin her stuff. Heart it, share it on Facebook. Do whatever it is you do when you like something. Assuming you see something you like. =)

I'm planning on borrowing some things from her soon to take some better pictures for her. I also want to take some photos of her quilts she's made that I have. Just to show what she's capable of doing. 
Well there's her cute dog she's had for 8 years. She's supposed to be mine but I wasn't ready to move to fort myers just yet. She got Elly's in June and I moved in December. By then, it was too late. My mom and Elly's were best friends. Until I come over. Then I know the truth. Elly's really my best friend in hiding. 

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