It's Wednesday! I painted my nails!

Its an overcast day and the light isn't good in here. I really need to invest in a good desk lamp so that I have better lighting for doing my nails. I used a light color today and it was hard to see sometimes if I got all the way to the edges. Plus it's a glitter polish and it was thick and that it made it hard to get the non glitter part of the polish to the edges! I was in a hurry too because I wanted my nails to be dry before I went to work today. So I have a ton of excuses today for why I don't like how my nails look. Buuuuut for being a glitter nail polish it's still a really good nail polish. It's a one coater and is really pretty. The polish part of it is really pretty and is gold micro glitter and then there's chunky rose glitter. There might be more going on but it's hard to tell right now in the room. I'll know more when I go to work. 

Anyways. Here's the pictures. 

Well I better get ready for work now. Yesterday was a really long day (11 hours) and was a bad day in the end and I'm going to have to do a bunch of stuff today to finish stuff from yesterday and stuff from Monday for someone else that they couldn't finish either so I'm sure today will also suck. I'm also worried that I'm going to get in trouble. Or at least talked to or questioned about what happened. But what happened is that I just don't have TIME or the support I need and I've tried talking to him before about it and I've offered suggestions before about it but he just rejected all of them so what am I supposed to do? It's just going to be a constant struggle is all then. Well I really need to go now. 

Despite my struggles, I still really love this part of my job. So all of the struggles just make it that much harder to deal with. Cause if I didn't love it I could just stop doing it or quit but I don't want to to do. So I'll just keep putting up with the difficulties until hopefully one day I get extra time or the extra support I need to adequately do my job. 

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