Old and new.

Here's two pictures I got from my Google+ account that I posted who knows when. I loved the black and holographic glitter combo.

This was my attempt at fixing a manicure that was a few days old. I'm not posting the picture for the nails though. I'm posting the picture because of he background. 
It was taken in the jack and Jill bathroom in our old house and for a while I was using it as my nail polish room. I had all my nail polishes lined up along the walls and I'd sit on the toilet seat and paint my nails. It was awesome. Lol. 

This next picture is of how my nails looked last Thursday night. It was at night and taken with the phone but it's all I got right now. 
I messed up on my middle finger when I was putting my nail polishes away. Silly me for not waiting like 10 minutes. I had to do it right away. 

I really need to start cleaning my nails up when I'm done. I don't usually take the time to do that but it looks so much better when you do. I think it's because I don't like the nail polish removers that I have right now (from Walgreens) and so I can get the polish off all the way anyways. 

Dinner is ready. I need to put real shorts on and get up I guess. 

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