Belated Birthday!

My birthday was May 21st. A Wednesday. I sat around all day doing nothing waiting for J to get home. Lol. I took a shower and got dressed. Jacie did my make up. When he got home, we went out to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise. My favorite place... Even though I don't eat beef. Lol. I just get the chicken, broccoli and rice. It's all so good. I always want double the rice and broccoli though. When we got home I made J take some photos of us. 
You can't tell I'm wearing make up though and we take horrible pictures together. ;( I just want us to look normal!!!!! I don't want him to slouch down to be the same height as me. I don't want to tilt my head like I've been doing the past year. The top picture is our second try. I need to stop making my head do everything weird it does. He's fine in the second one and I wanted us to try a third one but he told me no. And here's why...
His family was waiting inside for us with a cake for me! He had ordered it a few days before and someone picked it up for him I think on Tuesday. And there was pretty star candles. I didn't get a close up of the cake before it was cut but here's my slice: 
It's the first cake J's ordered for me. Last year he brought him a premade ice cream and cake mix cake. Now on to the gifts and cards!!

There's my dad's, J's, The Fella's, my mom's and my aunt's. 
Here's what J got me for my birthday. 
I'm almost finished with the book I'm reading right now and then I can start one of those books. I still have another book to read that's on my night stand but I'll start with my birthday books first. I need to hang up my shelf so I can start putting my books on there. When the shelf gets full I can fill a box up and put it in the barn. I hope my books are safe out there from all the elements. I worry about those thing. Look how cute my shirt is. I love tokidoki hulk. He's so baby and so cute. Lol. Well I should get ready for bed now. Maybe tomorrow I'll write the part 2 to my birthday. Which is Busch Gardens!

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