Wednesday Manicures.

That doesn't make any sense. Maybe I should change it to Mondays. Lol. I wrote this post and it didn't get saved. It was long and I wasn't finished and... It disappeared. Sigh. I had weekly goals and I had my new birthday goals. Oh well. Maybe I'll redo it tonight after dinner. 

Here are the nails I'm wearing right now though.

It's Wet N Wild High Contact. J wanted me to buy it because it's green. It started wearing away though right away. I think my seche vite was a bad batch. Maybe what I bought the last time was a knock off. That would suck. I should look to see what sell I bought from and see the other sell I've used in the past and buy a bottle from a previous seller. Sigh. I have 3 bottles that I bought I'm using right now all from the same seller that I bought at the same time and they all seem to suck. They dry fast but my nails seem to wear faster than my other bottles ever did before. I don't know what the problem is this time. Sometimes I can get a few days without them away but this time they're even chipping on some nails. I need to try to redo them. Even if I just take the green off and put clear on! 

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