I don't want to write. We were supposed to go to Disney World with free tickets on Saturday but my friend told us Friday night after we were already in Orlando and after we already had our reservation that the weekends free tickets were blocked out. So uuumm... We weren't going to Disney world after all. Well that sucks now. We went to Ikea, Mall of Millenia, Downtown Disney and City Walk on Saturday. Went back to the hotel and watched tv. Woke up and left and came home. It was a pretty uneventful trip. We wanted to do more. We were going to buy tickets to Universal or Islands of Adventure but we thought it was going to rain. We're going to get year passes though for both parks this year though. I think I've pretty much talked about everything else this week? We had my car towed today to Dodge. It's going to be looked at tomorrow and hopefully they look at it tomorrow. I've gotta go to sleep.

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