Forgot the camera this weekend.

Oops. And then I didn't take many pictures this weekend. Why? Our plans that we had were canceled. I'll explain on Friday. So here are the ones that I did take. 

J and I take the worst selfies when we're in bed. He refuses to sit up or stand up. He's always wearing a tank top. I don't know why I never figure this out before I want to take the picture. But after the picture I'm like oh no, our picture is horrible, we need another one. Then he doesn't do what I want to make the picture better. So anyways... Our picture is with the Mr. Potato Head we built for Baby M on Saturday at downtown Disney. Then I took a picture of Mickey Mouse to send to my friend while I was texting her. The $5 sign is from Sunday bowling! It's what we did. The rugs. There is a dog bowl under there. Our dog is so frustrating. He's still having issues with his food. I was cleaning out the car yesterday and J had him in the room and then J went to the bathroom and left him in here by himself and I came in the room and that's what I saw. The bowl was covered up with the rugs. I sat down on the bed and grabbed the dog by his collars and waited for J to come back. When he did I asked him if he did that, lol... Cause ya know what if he did. Of course he didn't. Sigh. I gave him the rest of my rice tonight, I didn't have any sauce with mine though... I mixed the rice up with his food in the bowl and he ate about half of it. Then I threw the rest of it away. Didn't want him to throw the food on the floor or cover the bowl up with the rugs when I brought them back. They were in the dryer at that moment. By then the food was a few days old so I figured I could throw it away. He's eaten old food before on his own so I know he doesn't care but I also don't care to throw it away if I know he could also spill it on the floor or put my clean rug into his bowl. Tomorrow night during dinner, I'll give him fresh food and see if he eats then or during the night. He used to eat either while I was eating or during the night. It's way after midnight now. I started this before midnight though so I don't know what time it'll post it as. Hopefully it does it the time I started it at!!!!!

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