PS. Need a new blog to read?

Then you should read I love it. Her and her husband have spent the past few years building their house and are now moved into it finally. And the wife has been writing about the whole process and she writes about other stuff too. Organization. Life. Whatever. But lately her posts are about decorating her house. And omg, I wish I had their money. I loooooove almost everything she's done in the house though. The kitchen, the pool, her daughters' bathroom, their bedrooms... Her laundry room, her office... It's all so.. Lovely. Lol. Read it, even though she's spending a ton of money to decorate it, she posts links to what she's buying or has bought and they have the prices, she never comes out and says how much she's spent on anything. She doesn't throw it around that they have money. 

Kreasy is farting. Good night. For real.

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