I'm off work tomorrow!!!!!!

Well today really I suppose. I gave Kreasy his flea medicine on Sunday I think.

My dad's birthday is Monday. J and I are going to try to go there Saturday and take my dad out for a meal. It's his 60th birthday and I feel really bad that nothing was planned for it. I bought him 6 birthday cards and am sending him one a day. I also bought him an amazon gift card with $60 on it for his 6th card. I've sent 2 cards out already and the 3rd one is in the mailbox and that one is signed from me and J! 

I'm almost caught up on laundry! I was expecting to spend my whole day off doing laundry. Cause that's what I usually end up doing. But I've done 3 loads tonight. First was my pink work shirts. I've started washing them by themselves. I like detergent that smells good but J is allergic so I use smelly detergent with my pink shirts. I used to wash the first two I had with everything else and they're kind of dingy looking now and I think the dyes from other stuff dyed my shirts a little. So I'm trying to keep my pink shirts pink. Lol. My 2nd load was towels and they're dry and folded already. But are sitting in a cardboard box right now until tomorrow when I figure out where to put them. Theeeeeeeeeen all our clothes are in the dryer right now. They're not dry yet so that sucks. I told J to check on them when he gets up. I'm tired, it's been a long day so I give up! 

Tomorrow I'll have to put them all away and I still want to try to wash some of our bedding but at least our important stuff is clean. Except with our clothes and towels from today I think I have another load of laundry there.

It never ends. Okay, so that was the most boring post ever. How about some pictures?????

Here's my new journal. I love it. I should be ready to use it in about 15 pages. 

A nail polish at KMart I want to buy. 

Here's some of my most recent nail polishes I've worn....

Keys. When my dad was in town Saturday he bought me the key stuff. Tray is world market and goes with the other one I have. The tape and stickers are from hobby lobby. 

Why is everyone on my side of the bed tonight? I require space, yo!!! 


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