I am bored.

But I don't want to do anything. I didn't do anything all day. I feel lazy. Though I did the laundry last night. I just didn't put any of it away today like I wanted. I could go on and on about all the things I wanted to do today but didn't do. I won't though. 

J is sleeping. Has been since 8pm. We've been watching the Veronica Mars show because I've never seen it and there's a movie now. He turned his movie off and said he was going to sleep and that I could watch it but I didn't want to watch it without him. Even if he has seen it already. 

I think we're going to move one of our white cube shelves into here. It'll fit where my Helmers sit at. J said we could put them on top of the shelf but I dont know. The one that holds all my polish is really heavy. I could put it on top of the dresser though and then the other one could sit on the shelf? It just has supplies in it. It would give us more storage space if we moved it in here. 

My nails look all ugly now. I am so brutal with my nails at work. My thumb nails are breaking. They both have breaks at the ends of my fingers. I have no idea what the technical names are for anything. Haha. I thought about putting fake nails on. They look so pretty and I can usually get 2 weeks out of them before I need to remove them. But then I'm stuck with the French manicure look for 2 weeks and I usually change my nail polish every other day. Maybe tomorrow I'll do that. We'll see. 

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