It's been a while.

Not yet a month though so I'm good. Lol. I'm in the process of doing laundry and doing my nails. So while my glue base coat dries, I decided I'd write. J quit his job. But his would have been store manager called him and asked him to come back. He said yes and she said she'd call him the next day. Then nothing. No calls. No texts. Nothing. I wish she'd text him at least saying she's still working on getting him back in the system. We got his profit sharing money and we've been paying stuff off. I paid off one of my credit cards and put a large chunk of "my" money towards my other credit card. I still have some left and am not sure if I'll pay off my dr ER bill or pay the ER bill off and then put the remaining money towards something else. 

We went and bought a new wireless fence system because the other one was losing power to the base unit and if the base unit doesn't have power then the collar doesn't work. We set it up and we messed around with the boundaries and finally got it set so that he has a large area to run in but is still within the yard. We took him out there on the leash and walked him to the flags I seat up out there and when it beeped he did come back inside the safe area. We walked around and he seems to have some sort of understanding of how it works. He got a lot of cheese in the process. Lol. We opened the dog door on the porch door so we'll see how it goes now. 

Work has been okay. A lot of frustration lately though. But that happens every so often. 

My glue base is almost dry. Time to paint!

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