Future dream house.

Everyone wants their kitchen and living room to be open and to be able to be with the family while doing kitchen work. Well eff that. I want my kitchen to be enclosed and to have doors that can be closed so that no pets can go in the kitchen. I would prefer a window over the sink instead of being able to see into the living room. At my apartment, I had a window over the sink and it was great being able to see outside while washing dishes. I usually can't hear anything while the water is running so being able to see/hear the tv isn't important nor is trying to converse with people. The enclosed kitchen would also be an eat in kitchen. I think a really fancy kitchen could still be done. Ideally for me, it would be large and be able to have a couple of people in there at once moving around... With a area large enough for a table and chairs. The sink would have a nice big window. There would be French doors from the kitchen into the house. So that there is light going from room to room and that would also make it seem more open. But everything could still be closed off from pets. I hated having the cats get on the counters. I hated all the hair everywhere. I hated having to clean everything top to bottom and kicking the cats outside or into the garage so that I could cook. I hated staring at a wall to wash dishes.

One day I will build and design my own house.

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