Old nail polish bottles.

Do any readers here have any unwanted bottles of nail polish that they'd like to give me? I'm trying to make my own nail colors and I need colors and empty bottles. If you have any, let me know. If you want to know more let me know. You can leave a comment down below. 


Gina Bostic said...

I'm attempting.... To comment here, hope it goes thru.. I'm NOT a techno person !! I have enjoyed reading UR Blog! Ur goals... Monthly vs. Today=Brilliant !
As Far as Empty bottles? NOPE Id like to have a few myself! Lol I know they sell empties... Cheap but S&H Prob defeats the purpose of $$. I Thot about getting the .89-$1 bottle of cheap clear or ? Dump it & use it= Make UR own empty bottle for $1 Prob best bet. U did fab. With UR Frank ��������

Gina Bostic said...

Yay!! It worked!! Lol This is @33ginab /IG By the way😊
Ok I know I'm under the wrong blog entry but it's working right here & I'm afraid to move !! Lol
U mentioned about 2 Things that caught my ATTEN ... Hospital bills & rehab/therapy.... ??? If it's private... I get it... Totally. If ud like to share?? Spill it! Reason being I have same need!!!! ;))

Velvet Frogg said...

Thank you for the comments!! =) I'll probably buy empty bottles in a few weeks, I was hoping to also get polish people didn't want. Lol. I might also buy Wet N Wild when they go on sale for .69¢.

Oh boy... It's sort of a long story but I'll try to answer it here as short as possible. And then if you have other questions, I'll answer.

I was born with dislocated hips (hip dysplasia) and almost always had hip pain while growing up. When I was about 18, someone I knew asked me why I limped. He said he had noticed that I always walked with a limp, that I swung my left leg. I had NEVER noticed it before but said it was probably because of my hips. Around 23 I went to the same orthopedist i had gone to my whole life. He said there's nothing wrong but sent me to physical therapy anyways. She explained that my left hip sits higher than my right hip and that that's why I walk with a limp. Now I'm 32 and still limp. I went to the ER in Feburary of 2011 (before I had insurance) because my leg muscles were so sore and felt like they were burning. They did X-rays and I knew the answer... Nothing was going to show up. Fast forward to September 2011. Got my insurance back and went to a rheumatologist. He diagnosed me with insomnia, fibromyalgia and hypermobility syndrome. I also did more PT. I've been on medications since then for that. I sleep much better now and no longer feel like I have to take a nap every day. I also wear a shoe lift in my left shoe now to make my leg lengths even (technically they're the same length but the higher hip makes it seem like the right leg is longer) and that helped a lot. My hips also still go in and out of place often. And I've dislocated my elbow and my shoulder so I'm supposed to be careful with what I do because I could dislocate something so easily.

Well that's still really long. Lol.

Velvet Frogg said...