Jamberry 7 Day challenge.

Jacie has been hosting a Jamberry party since Sunday on Facebook and I received 2 samples and I'm doing the 7 day challenge. I put Jamberry in my thumbs and pinkies and nail polish on the 3 other fingers.

I ended up taking the purple off.

Here's what I ended up keeping for my Day 1. I work 8-5 today and will be on the front register from 8-1 then I'll be on deliveries until 5pm. I'm going to try to take a picture every 24 hours. So day 1 will be around midnight tonight. But I really don't like how my polish looks so I might change it tonight and start it over again on Saturday. They're supposed to last up to 14 days and it's only a 7 day challenge.... Sooooo..... I should be able to start the polish part on day 2. Lol. 

I used Rainbow Honey as my nail polishes. The glitter is too bumpy, it needs more top coat so that's why I want to redo it. 

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