Japanese stationery!!!

So I'm not sure how widely this is known outside of family and friends but I LOVE stationery. Paper, envelopes, stickers and stamps- love, love, love! I have a friend who I have been writing to for over ten years. It's less than 16 but way over 10. I'll say 13 years. She's lived in several states and cities and I've moved a few times but all in FL and we just keep writing letters and postcards to each other. We're FB friends but we don't really use that to keep in touch nor do we talk on the phone, sometimes we text but not often. We just write! 

Well in two weeks she's going to Japan and I am so excited for her. I just sent her some money through PayPal so she can buy me a ton of stationery. She asked me what did I want and I told her it didn't matter and then said what do you want because I'll just be mailing it back to you, lol. 

Japan has the BEST paper products. They have washi tape! I don't have a ton of washi tape and I don't use it much but that's mainly because I didn't buy any until we moved in here and so I don't have a big use for it but I'm sure if I had the space to do stuff with it I would buy more of it. I don't have a planner either right now. Maybe when we move, I'll get another one and then I'll have another use for it along with having the space to do DIY and craft projects and can do cute stuff with the tape. 

Anyways. Yes, Japan has the cutest stuff especially all of their stationery supplies. 

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