So much laundry.

I washed all our dirty clothes which wasn't a lot actually since J did some on Monday. But either way, I did those. I washed both our sheets (and changed it of course and we have a 3rd sheet but it's packed in a box), some of the towels, my blankets and pillowcases. Oh and Kreasy's blanket too so that he can sleep on the bed. Though he's not very good at staying on the blanket or he will bunch it up and still get the bed dirty then. I tried this already and it failed but I'm trying again! I put all the laundry away. J brought in our mini fridge and I brought in our microwave and set both of them up. I put the old "nightstand" on top of my dresser. I had been thinking it would double the space but it tripled it because I forgot it's got a shelf in the middle. Here's the before and sort of after. 
But it's not a true after because I moved the plates and forks to the top of the microwave And moved some of the little plastic totes into the cubby where the plates and forks are. The yellow bin was on the floor before and is my bath stuff. So by now having that there it freed up space on the floor too. I put the two boxes of clothes that were on the porch into the barn. I wanted to put the lamp shades in there too because they're not being used and they're taking up space in here. I also wanted to go through the boxes in the living room and move some of them to the barn but I didn't so maybe Saturday. Here's the mini fridge and microwave. 
When we have a basket of clean clothes, it fits behind the fan. Otherwise the empty baskets are all now on the porch and there's 1 in the garage with the rest of the towels and a quilt. I have a blanket and my other quilt on the floor in the bedroom that need to be washed too at some point. I might wash the quilts and blanket and put them in the barn too. Here's the before of the fridge corner.... 
I forgot to also move that box into the barn. It's sitting on the floor in the porch. Arg!! Oh well. It'll all have to happen Saturday. Tomorrow I work 8-5 and I want to go grocery shopping after work. I'm excited about filling the freezer up with ice cream. That's like the most important thing of course. Omg. J is snoring. He rarely ever snores but when he does, he's loud. Lol. We'll have been engaged for 2 years next Friday. Crazy pants! that would be perfect right now!!! I changed the address for my car insurance and saved nearly 25%!! It's seriously close to 25%. 25 is $101 savings but I'm saving 99. 24% saved 96 dollars so yeah, closer to 25. I went from $404 to $305 for 6 months which is really nice. And my due date is always February 12th but because I made changes and my bill changed, my new due date is March 8th. They gave me almost an extra month for me to save a hundred dollars!!! I normally pay it in two payments but this time I should be able to do it all at once. We get paid tonight and so this weekend I want to see which of my little bills I can pay off with this check and pay the minimum on the other stuff every two weeks just to get ahead. If I can pay the minimums every two weeks then I'm doubling my payments which is awesome. I've just got to find the bills that I have in here and the rest in the barn. Well I better start trying to sleep. More prograss posts this weekend!!

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