It's like a thousand degrees in this room.

I just told J that I think he needs a smaller TV. It generates an unbelievable amount of heat. It is so ridiculously hot in here and is like 10 degrees cooler outside and maybe 15 degrees cooler in the rest of the house. I told him I thought I might go sleep on the couch. He has this insane thought that leaving the sliding glass door open helps with something. But it doesn't seem to help with... Anything. I am just grumpy! I hate the heat and we both always had the AC set to as cold as we could stand it. 

The dog is also making me grumpy. He needs to stay off the bed. I'm tired of it being dirty. He needs another bath. Every day, all day long, I'm wiping the bed off to get the dirt off. I sweep the floor. But it keeps showing up. He has a blanket on the floor but J lets him on the bed when I'm not here but then he'll also complain about the dog's crumb. 

And J needs to turn the TV down. His video game is insanely too loud. I think our old house was perfect for who we were. The master bedroom was far enough away from everything else in the house that he could keep the tv on loud and it wouldn't bother me. 

Did I mention that I'm grumpy?

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