Laundry day.

I've been working and relaxing today. I've been working on laundry. I cleaned my car out. The microwave is in it to be brought inside. I tried to move my dresser but it should go against the wall where the bed is and the bed is too close to the wall here for the dresser to fit. I need the bed to move like just 3 inches on J's side. Then we can put the mini fridge and microwave on the wall where the dresser was since there's an outlet over there. I tried changing the mailing address for all of J's stuff but I ran into problems on almost everything! So much for trying to be helpful. I hung up one of the shower rods we have and now need a curtain for it. But I must get up and switch laundry around. I need a clean and dry sheet faster than it's taking the dryer to dry my towels, lol.

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