I should update this on a semi regular basis. We'll see. lol. I think the only thing I've bought has been more of the candle holders. I've been looking at wedding rings like crazy though online and have found a bunch of silver ones I like on etsy. I wanted to get him a white gold ring though but it seemed like silver was the most common for engravings and I found a ton of different styles. Then I found a seller on etsy that did gold and engraving. I could get our fingerprints on them and an engraving on the inside and he can put a stone in one of the rings.... sooo... now I really want those rings. It has everything I want for our rings. Downside? It's $2200 for a set. OUCH. But I'm thinking mine can be white gold with a stone and his can be silver and that'd bring the cost down. lol.

But I might end up postponing the wedding though. It all depends on where we move to next year. We'll see what happens!

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