Pictures?! Originally wrote 10.17.2013 edited on 12.12.2013

I just got the great idea to see if there was a blogger app. And there was. I downloaded it and now I think I can upload pictures. I hope... I can't add captions to the pictures and I can't put text with it because it doesn't show here where the picture will be at. Hhhmmm. Well then I'll do one picture per post so that I can write about what the picture is about. This picture is the first picture I took of my ring. We got engaged on 2.14.12. I called my dad first and then my mom. Then I put the picture on FB and said "he asked! I said yes!" And the picture with the fake nails on is another ring showing one picture. Lol I always try to pictures of my ring to try to capture the sparkle it does.
I really like the kiss line of fake nails. I've used them two times and they stay on for a week. A few times a nail might pop off. I would glue it back on and wouldn't have any more problems from it. 

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