Wedding theme?!

I'm pretty sure we're going to have a theme. If it could be left up to my fiance, I'm sure the theme would be Hulk but it's not his wedding, it's mine, right? Right.

So the theme is going to be STARS. Who would have guessed? The glass candle holders I bought at the Dollar Tree are in the shape of a star. And I love them. I tried them out with the floating candles and the candles fit in there.

I dyed the water yellow and purple (I tried other colors too lol). The yellow was easy and looked good but purple was hard. It came out too pink or too dark and I tried blue and red but that was dark and... yucky. So I figure I'll just do yellow for the dying of water.. some will be yellow and others will be clear.

I also want to make my own invitations or DIY in some aspect and I saw a stamp at Hobby Lobby that said wish upon a shooting star and a stencil that had a shooting star on it. So that night I came home and looked through the stamps I already do own and I have some star ones but they're all small stamps and I'd want something a little bigger. The wish upon a shooting star was a good size.

We'll see. My mom can get me a discount on paper and paper samples. When I say samples, I mean large sheets of papers that I can cut to size and print myself. I have some super nice really expensive paper already in my possesion that I might play around with and see what I can come up with. I can also take the paper to a print shop of my choosing and have them print on the super nice and super expensive and super free paper. When I say super expensive... I mean thousands of dollars expensive. There is no way I could even afford a scrap sheet of this paper, I think a little itty bitty note pad would be like $300! And it's super pretty paper too and I am in love with it.

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