I guess I should start with an introduction or something, huh? I've blogged on LiveJournal for probably... 10 years now? Maybe more? And so blogging isn't anything new to me. But those are more about the boring things I do on a daily basis whereas this is going to be about wedding planning and the different DIY things I'm going to be tackling... I'll be posting pictures too because you know... everyone loves pictures.

So I'm 30. Yuck. I don't like saying that at all... My fiance is 26. We've been together a little over 2 years and got engaged February 14th, 2012. Yup, on Valentine's Day!! Our wedding date is, as of right now, going to be June 21st, 2013. We live in Cape Coral, FL.

My blog's URL is velvetfrogg because I've used that name for 10 years or so also and a lot of people know me as that and I use that as my email address and AIM name along with various other online things. But the title of this blog is Stars and Glitter because I love stars and glitter and anything else that sparkles and plan on using as many star and glittery things as I can for the wedding.

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