I was supposed to post pictures of the packages I received in December. I never did. Oops. I am sorry.

Let's see what I've got...

There's a picture of J putting his tie on Sylar. Sylar is such a laid back cat. He pretty much puts up with anything crazy we do to him. He's even getting used to Mason giving him hugs and kisses! Though I am never home for that. Anywho... Where was I?

There's some of the pictures I took of the 3 Marvel boxes we got in December. 

That's the only picture I have of my Pahlish order. 

There's my Zoya Black Friday order. It had several full size products and the value was great for what you paid for. But I don't like their remover, I just bought their lip repair balm (that I don't use) so now I have two, I don't like any of the colors and I haven't tried out the Naked Manicure set they sent but it's supposed to be good so one day I will try it. 

The really crappy Walmart box, luckily it's only $5. I also received the best box out of all the styles they send so I guess there's that. I do like that mini sample of face wash they sent. 

And my two December Ipsy bags. I didn't like the bag itself in December or January but the February one is AMAZING and I'm glad that my last month of two bags ended with an amazing bag. 

There's the bag itself from February. Amazing right?

Okay, my back hurts so I'm going to lay down again.

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