Allure Beauty Box (the bonus one!!)

Allure magazine has a beauty box like Ipsy and Birchbox. But it is $15 a month whereas the other two are $10. I tried out Birchbox last summer and didn't stick with it. I started Ipsy the following month and I have stuck with it. Birchbox was pretty much all samples and they weren't good sizes either. Ipsy does more full size items and the samples they send are decent sizes usually. I signed up for Allure the same time I signed up for Ipsy I think. I got July and liked it but wasn't impressed enough to keep it. So I canceled but then I saw a spoiler for August and promptly signed up. It had a Butter London nail polish. I kept it until December. I think I skipped only December. I saw the spoiler for January and signed up again because it included a Trust Fund Beauty nail polish. The Butter London was a mini whereas the Trust Fund was a full size and their full sizes are 17 ml instead of the normal 13-15ml. Awesome. Also I had received an email from Allure in January that said they were sending out bonus gifts every month. I wasn't subscribed yet but I signed up the same day I got the email (after looking at spoilers) but I didn't get anything extra in January. I got the February box. Oh before I go on I want to say that I have liked all of the Allure boxes I have received. And they are a great value for the $15 you spend. Moving on!

I received an email this month stating they were going to send out a bonus beauty gift that included the brands Cover Girl, SK-II and Wella. I found out through an unboxing video on Allure's YouTube channel that it's called the Red Carpet Beauty Box. 

And holy cow, it's actually an amazing box of goodies. 

At first, it looks small. 

When you open it though, it's full of goodies. Most of them are or can be considered full size. There are four Cover Girl items, two SK-II items and one Wella item. Here's the list of what this box included:

Cover Girl:
Oh Sugar! A tinted lip balm in shade Soda. There were five possible shades you could get. Value is $8.99
TruBlend face primer for oily skin. The other option is combo skin. Value is $8.49
Intensify me! Liquid eye liner. Shade is intense black. Value is $8.99
Plumpify blast pro mascara in shade very black. Value is $11.99

One facial treatment mask. Value $17. Yes, one mask is $17, 6 masks are $95!!!!!!
1oz of facial treatment essence. Value is $42 and it's not a full size but it's still a big bottle. I think the smallest bottle they may sell is 2.5 oz for $105.

The Wella item is a smoothing oil for your hair and it is also 1oz. In the book it doesn't list sizes and it just says $40 for the price. But when I researched this, it seems that it is $40 for the 3.5oz size and that the 1oz sells for $21. 

The value I get for this box is $118.46 but you can find the Wella item for cheaper than $21 on Amazon from some sellers. But still, the value for this box is INSANE and it was free. Well to an extent. I am a subscriber so I do give them $15 a month for the regular monthly boxes but that's it. I post Instagram photos some months and use their hashtag but I have never written a blog post (I don't think) and I have never entered any of their giveaways. Well I take that back... I entered their back to school huge month long giveaway in August but that was separate from the Allue beauty box sub which has its own monthly giveaways. Those I have never entered. So all I'm saying is that I didn't win this box. 

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