Life is interesting right now. I'll go with that. I'm not ready to talk about it yet. J's sister and brother in law came over yesterday. I gave them one of the glass tables. And said I'd talk to J about the others. We both agree they can have all the glass tables. Which is 3 less things we have to move now in January. We're also talking about giving some couches away. We only have 6. Lol. The mattresses and box spring will be thrown away. I'm pretty sure the queen mattress is smelly. It was in the house for about 5 days but then the house started smelling really really funky. So it's back in the garage. I'll keep the daybed frame. I really like it and it'll fit under our bed wherever we move to. We're talking about selling the pool table. We don't want to do that but I think it's time. When we eventually buy a house, we'll buy a new one then. But that's going to be a few more years! And we want to move out of FL too. Not sure what else we could possibly get rid of. I think that's pretty much it. We'll probably make more final decisions when we know where we're going and how much space we'll have. I need to take my nail polish off. I've been peeling some of it off. (Btw that's really bad for your nails lol). I wanted to work on a bunch of nail art the next 3 months. And I created all these nail art challenges. Then things happened and I haven't done my nails in almost 7 days. I think it'll be a week tomorrow. But I have so many things I need to work on here. Laundry, dishes, litter box, flea medicine on the cat I think. What else? Everything. But I'm not really able to do much. I don't have a lot of energy right now. But today I feel better than I have in the past 5 days. J already went to work and I'm stuck at home now. He'll be home in....... 9.5 hours.

Alright. I'm getting up. I can do this!

There's all the stuff I got from the Born Pretty Store!! I think today I'll switch out my phone case. 
There are the nail studs. I love them. I didn't really like the nail polish. It was only holographic for about a day. Then it wore off??? It was still a pretty color but not what I wanted. Then there's a decal that I got in my mystery bag.
That's the Christmas nail art challenge I want to try. Maybe by then, I'll want to. I gotta get up off this couch!!!


Jacie Fella said...

The nail challenge is SO cool! I want to do it too! Maybe we could make up our own! =D

Patricia Rainey said...

I think my iPad ate my comment?! Ahem.... I had said "I'm in" and then explained I had created 3 challenges for the next 3 months and I would for post pictures of them and that I had given up on my self imposed November challenge. I also want to create a photo challenge too. Lol, I like those too but usually prefer to make up my own. And I like the nail art challenges that aren't everyday. There are lots of bloggers that do a 31 day nail challenge and I'm just like "HOW DO YOU HAVE TIME TO DO YOUR NAILS EVERYDAY".

Patricia Rainey said...

I'll put up some pictures of the pictures I've taken.

Jacie Fella said...

I know right! I barely have time to do my nails once a week AND that can't be good for your nails changing them that often. I like the photo challenges too but most (well actually all) of my pictures are of Mason lol.

Patricia Rainey said...

I usually do them on either my day off or nights that J closes. But yeah, it's tricky keeping the nails healthy and doing them that often. I sometimes have to take breaks. It's hard though. Lol. And we should make up a photo challenge. Who cares if Mason ends up in most of them.... As long as you make it fit the challenge. Day 1: nature. Put the baby outside. Day 2: something blue. Baby wears blue. Day 3: A reflection. Mason in front of a mirror.... See it can be done.