I have to close on thanksgiving and we're eating lunch at J's parents in Punta Gorda so now J has to leave there early to get me to work by 4pm. Even though I said I wanted to open. Someone should have said something to me about it. They asked everyone what one holiday did they want to work and then what shift did they want to work. I said open on thanksgiving. They could have called me, text me and asked if I would rather open a different holiday and have thanksgiving off and/or was I okay with closing. But no, no one did that. They waited til the last minute to even do all this too. The schedule was posted last week sometime and they only asked us about 2 weeks ago what we wanted to work. It's a major holiday and people travel and make plans in advance for these holidays. One coworker asked to open thanksgiving and said if she did she would work all 3 holidays and that she wanted to open because she has family visiting from two states.

It's also time to start shopping for gifts. I love picking out gifts for people. I like to get everyone a gift as close to perfection as I can get. And because of that it "stresses" me out. I need to start ordering stuff online too, to make sure they get here on time.  And I have a reader now that I'll also be buying gifts for so I can't talk about those now. Lol. 

I'm trying to write this and watch L&O: SVU and it's very distracting. One of the lines from this episode is: "Anything he does to her is an assault against nature but her not telling us that she fellated him with frizzle rocks in her mouth seconds before he went off the roof is a sin of omission?"

Like WHAT? Holy graphic script batman. Or something. 

I am just going to post this and watch my shows. I'll probably post more afterwards. But can't promise what blog the next post will be on. 

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