Rainbow Honey's cosmic microwave sky review

I plan on writing on several mystery bag reviews this week but tonight I'm sleepy. I wrote a description of the January mystery bag and some brief opinions about what I felt toward certain things. Then I'll write February and March's review on the mini bags and April will be on the large bag.

Tonight's 2nd post is about a specific gorgeous color. 

It's called Cosmic Microwave Sky and it was in the March mystery bag. It was in both the mini and large bag. I got the mini so I am missing a third color. I'm glad though I got this one because I FREAKING LOVE THIS COLOR.

I love blue and I love jelly and I love square glitter. I am going to love looking at this on my nails the next few days. 

The pictures aren't the greatest but I just wanted to show it off tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll take daylight photos or use my camera. 

Also the only negative about this polish was it's a little thick but I paint my nails right under an AC vent and when the AC comes on, the cold wind wrecks havoc on my polishes. So when it did that I stopped and when it was off I resumed. It seemed to help but not enough. It's not something that will make me stop using it. I can and have continued using many polishes that were thick. Or I can fix it with nail polish thinner. 

But since it's a mystery bag and the products are pro types and testers, they welcome feedback like this. They'll know to either add more base and/or less glitter. Just don't take away the square glitters RH, lol. 

**edit on May 10th, 2016**

I've still not written the posts I was going to write! I've been super sick, finally went to the doctor today for antibiotics so hopefully I start getting better. But that's not why I wanted to add something here. What I wanted to add is that cosmic microwave sky is now being sold at as part of their Space Collection. There are a lot of previous mystery bag colors (including my favorite grayspace) in this collection. I think it's 10 polishes total (11 if you want to count the May limited edition polish too since it's called Interstellar Ice) and 4 new colors. Of the mystery bag colors, I don't have 2 of them.

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